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Hey there and welcome to a new magazine focusing on life in a small town.  My name is Kevin and I'm the editor of "Town Life".  Every issue we'll take a look at small towns and how they survive in today's ever changing world! We'll  talk with those who gave up the rat race of the big city and re-settled in a smaller community, feature hometown heroes and much more with all articles and photo's focusing on smaller centers.  I happen to be one of those that has lived in the big city and taken up residence in a smaller community.  I'm originally from a small town and I thought it would be great for other communities to show off just what makes them unique and how they're staying afloat in a world where everyone seems to be migrating into the larger centers.  Every small town needs ideas and I hope with each evolving issue other towns might pick up on something that would work for them, or even get in touch with one of the communities we feature to get advice or information.  One other thing I should mention is that the magazine will be AD free so I can bring you the best issue each time.  So Join us as we look into life of the small town.

Welcome to Town Life!

   Small Town living isn't for everyone, but those that choose to make smaller centers their home or in some cases, a thriving business venture, we're going to chat with and show via article & photo just how great small town life really can be!  
   You can purchase the magazine individually for each issue, and you don't have to commit for a full year subscription!  Feed back on the magazine is always appreciated so feel free to contact myself through email to either make a comment or to submit your stories/photo's for the magazine.  
   I will always welcome, and I even encourage you to submit your small town stories & photo's for the magazine but I cannot pay you for any submissions you make.  If you would like to submit a story on your 'hometown', please drop me an email and I can pass along some questions you could answer for your town.  If I do feature your town & photo's in a particular edition you would be able to get that edition at no cost and your name will get posted on our website as a guest writer (with your permission of course).
   You're invited to send in your photo's of anything that pertains to your town!  We have a special page that will be dedicated to Small Town Shots so email your photo's to:

   For all subscribers - Town Life has taken a hiatus for one year due to my other commitments, but you can still view any previous issue in a PDF File if you wish!  It's only $5 USD per issue and you can contact us at: and upon payment you will recieve the PDF in your email to download and read at your leisure.
   Spread the word, and let's show the world that Small Town Life really is something special!

Let's see where the road will take us
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